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We create game changing opportunities for you. We help you craft unique customer experiences. We help you grow revenue, increase profits and streamline operations

Modern business runs at a frantic pace and is not constrained to an office. Customers, Partners, and employee need you to meet them on their terms – and that means providing them with multiple, integrated channels of communication and collaboration. If you aren’t able to provide them with alternatives, they’ll find somebody who can. At IOTAP, we leverage technology to identify and optimize opportunities where there appear to be none, both for our customers, and yours.

IOTAP provides solutions and services to connect, communicate and collaborate with your internal and external customers, partners and peers across your organization.

When you work with us

Save time

Get the work done efficiently

Save money

Avoid paying a consultant to learn on the job

Get a faster ROI

Avoid disruptive deployment delays

Maximize value

Get the most benefits from your system

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The Customer Experience Services for Microsoft Partners, CSPs, ISVs and MSPs

Scale up revenue by streamlining processes and enhancing information sharing with the Organisation, Customers, and Vendors. Learn more

What others say about us

They are great. We got our solution done very quickly, customer service was excellent and the product works perfectly. We had one problem and they resolved it immediately.

The staff and service at IOTAP are second to none. All of our projects are completed on-time, under budget and exceed the expectations of the business user.

IOTAP feels like an extension of our development team, they have the same drive to customer satisfaction and technical excellence that we have. IOTAP staff are quick to learn and apply new technologies very quickly and give us a big competitive advantage. We would highly recommend IOTAP.

IOTAP’s on demand service offering has helped Globenet in cutting engineering and support costs while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction levels and profit margins.They strive for excellence and have helped Globenet tremendously. It’s truly a pleasure working with IOTAP

We were extremely satisfied with IOTAP’s SAP RFID consulting and systems integration services. They have the right mix of technical and functional expertise to deliver an RFID serialization project on the SAP Platform. We were able to deploy a productive SAP Auto Id system with integration to a line-level serialized packaging solution on time and under budget

IOTAP resource we were assigned is very capable. Well- mannered and fits very well into how people in the region are. He is technically very good and well experienced and he knows what he is talking about. Output was good and implementation was quick and crisp.

The managers etc. who were reluctant to use the ERP earlier were very happy with the implementation and have adopted the new system. The team was also very happy with him.

I am impressed with the development resources we’ve been assigned. They have already helped us resolve some key issues so far.

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